This project gallery represents the work of our network of creative activists including media produced by Creative Activist Program members, fiscal sponsees, and Creative Visions Productions. 

Street Art Projects

Street Art Projects

Gary Palmer

Street Art Projects brings talented visual artists to public events, community groups, and schools, to offer a window into the creative process. Their workshops and projects combine chalk art with story telling, encouraging a deeper understanding between different cultures through the creation of collaborative public artworks. The work is not just about public art, it’s about making public places as a focal point for education, enjoyment – and a catalyst for social change.  It is led by internationally known chalk pavement artist, Gary Palmer, who calls Venice Beach home, but travels extensively.  He is joined by film and visual arts professor, Rob Dew, arts teacher Shiva Ghodsi, street artist Tara Hunnewell and Arts and Culture social advocate and Readers Theater producer, Eric Vollmer.

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