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Canvasing the World

Canvasing the World

Bruce Royer 

Canvasing The World is currently airing nationwide on PBS. It is a unique human-interest, half-hour television series told from the perspective of a painter.

"I enjoy merging the techniques of old-world masters with modern-day media to create and share unique windows into humanity", says Sean Diediker, the show's host, filmmaker and artist.

A modern-day marriage of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" and Humans of New York, Canvasing The World details host Sean Diediker's quest to explore the interplay between art and the human condition.

The series takes viewers on adventures to exotic locations to explore creativity, experience the people, and reveal the places that spark the inspiration for Sean's original paintings. Every episode a place, every episode a painting. Season One Canvasing episodes include: Southern Costa Rica, Paris, The Blue Mountains (Australia), Utah, Bali, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Heidelberg, Ubud, Southern Patagonia, Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, and Big Sur.

Season Two is currently in production.

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