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X-Change the World

Sam Reiss

X-Change the World is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and global spectrum of youth in the Western and developing world, improving the level of conversational English for participants in the developing world, and building cultural bridges that lead to greater global curiosity and compassion.

X-Change the World has paired students from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Washington DC with students from Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, and Laos. These students hold “X-Changes” with each other once a week through Wiz IQ, an online classroom that allows American students to guide the learning students through textbooks, videos, PDF’s and more. Teachers sign into the virtual classroom once a week, where they have a class schedule and teaching curriculum prepared. The curriculum consist of an ESL (English as a Second Language) textbook pages, and a syllabus specifying which pages of the textbook the students are to study each in X-Change. The syllabus contains additional resources relevant to each class/topic such as videos, games, and other interactive activities.

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