This project gallery represents the work of our network of creative activists including media produced by Creative Activist Program members, fiscal sponsees, and Creative Visions Productions. 

Youth Empowerment

Colors of Connection

Christina Mallie Established in 2010, Colors of Connection is an organization wo...

The Playground

Joey Borgogna Inspired by the true events of teenage runaways and homeless youth...

Project Yellow Light

Julie Garner Project Yellow Light is a high school scholarship competition desig...

THE INVENTOR: The Story of Tesla

Rave Mehta THE INVENTOR: The Story of Tesla is a graphic novel series on prolifi...

Parson's Nose Theater

Lance Davis Parson's Nose Theater is a non-profit, 501(c)3 theater company locat...

The Bully Project

Patricia Finneran & Kristen Irving Bully is a documentary, directed by Sundance...