This project gallery represents the work of our network of creative activists including media produced by Creative Activist Program members, fiscal sponsees, and Creative Visions Productions. 

Youth Empowerment

Access to Innovation

Robinne Burrelll Access to Innovation is a unique computer science curricula to...

A Band of Voters

Joanne Forsyte A Band of Voters is a group of activists, artists and filmmakers...

The American Pavilion Scholarship Fund

Julie Sisk The American Pavilion is the center of activity at the Cannes Interna...

Songs of A Lost Island

Adam Sjoberg Despite American Samoa’s tiny population, at any given time there a...

University of the Underground

Nelly Ben Hayoun The University of the Underground's purpose of creating a globa...

Striver's Row

Robert Rippberger Striver's Row is a feature film about a strong black teenage g...