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In the Land of Lamb and Wolves

In the Land of Lamb and Wolves

Valentina Pareda

In The Land of Lambs & Wolves began as an accidental encounter by Director and video journalist Valentina Pereda into Eben Ezer - a small, Evangelical church in the birthplace of 18 Street gang in El Salvador. She began carefully filming this project in October 2017, and started an in-depth collaboration with its leaders Pastor Nelson Moz and Pastor Will Gomez. The film is gritty, yet intimate, offering neverseen images of former gang members and their families, and the micro-universes that exist within El Salvador’s gangcontrolled neighborhoods. The candidness of the characters in this film is a result of years-long work and trust between the filmmaker and the communities she features. Furthermore, as a female filmmaker, the Director’s approach to the widely-covered topic of gang violence is less focused on the violent actions of gang members (murders, extortion, etc) and more on the intention behind these acts and the social factors that foster the proliferation of gang activity. 

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