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I Am Gitmo

I Am Gitmo

Project Director: Philippe Diaz

There have been several films to examine torture during the War On Terror. They were all made from the point of view of the American hero that will defeat the terrorists. "I Am Gitmo" will be the first film made from point of view of the victim.

Abel Amrani is a Muslim schoolteacher living in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with his wife and children. As the War on Terror ramps up following 9/11, he is "sold" in March 2002 by his neighbor to CIA investigators seeking any information that might lead to Osama Bin Laden. He is taken away and brutally interrogated.
At the same time, retired Army interrogator, John Anderson is asked to return to duty, and is flown to Afghanistan, leaving his son behind. Guided by his faith, John is an expert in "old school" psychological interrogation and shocked by the new methods used by U.S. operatives to break the Jihadists, which includes the use of torture in CIA-run black sites.

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