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Cura Orphanage: Austin's Kitchen Garden

Cura Orphanage: Austin's Kitchen Garden

Dianne Gray

In 2015, ten years after my son, Austin's long illness and death, my friends asked if I wanted to have a dinner party to honor his life. That didn't feel right to me. I wanted to do something more…something meaningful. I wanted to build a sustainable, long-lasting project that would help others while also honoring the essence of Austin himself.

So we created Austin's Kitchen Garden at Cura Orphanage.

Why? Because it's the embodiment of things he held near in his heart. First, Austin was incredibly compassionate toward those who suffered, especially children. He was also genuinely curious about Africa, its people and creatures. Like a lot of kids, he loved to dig, planting & working in the yard/garden whenever he/we could.

In the Garden's second year, we've seen amazing growth —both literally and figuratively. And now we need your help to ensure that the Garden not only provides a bountiful harvest to feed the children at Cura Orphanage, but also plays a crucial role in the community by training future farmers.

Giving & loving others is at of the core of our family. We believe that education is important and learning can be experiential, curriculum-based AND fun! And we know that healthy food grows healthy bodies and sound minds.

In closing, thank you. First, for helping the kids of Cura Orphanage build healthy bodies and sound minds …and second, for helping me honor the extraordinary life of my (our) Austin. 

Sending love, Dianne (@diannebgray)

Our Team 

Hayden Bixby, International Director, Cura Orphanage

Dianne Gray, (Austin's mom), CEO Hospice & Healthcare Communications

Stephen Coleman, Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur

Kathy Eldon, Founder, Creative Visions Foundation

Amy Eldon-Turtletaub, Founder Creative Visions Foundation  


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