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Ben Sheehan

We the People...don't know how our government works. This is because civics was cut from schools. The existing groups focused on civic education are trying to get it back into classrooms. But if you aren't in school, that's unhelpful, which is why OMG WTF is targeting adults. We also don't know civics, but we feel like we should, so wetry to hide how little we know. But there's no shame in a) not knowing what you weren't taught or b) not knowing what you were taught, for a year at most, sometime before you were 19. Our mission is to explain, in clear and entertaining terms, how our government works; who's in it, who does what, how they got there, and how we as citizens can affect it. With OMG WTF in the world, we won't need to beg millions of adults to register and vote as much, because they'll know. And Americans won't only participate in government around election time, we'll engage with it regularly to push for laws and hold our representatives accountable. By using engaging, funny, and non-boring entertainment and media, OMG WTF will reinforce and repair our republic's cracked foundations.

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