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The Hilde Back Education Fund

Jennifer Arnold

The Hilde Back Education Fund (HBEF) is a Kenyan Charity that assists children from poor families and disadvantaged communities in Kenya access secondary school education. This is made possible through the Sponsor to Child Program which is its main program. This unique project is led by successful Kenyan professionals, some of whom were once needy when a sponsor reached out to transform their lives by paying their school fees. Having attained success through education, these professionals are positively transforming their communities through supporting the next generation. The kids being sponsored currently, in their turn, are expected to sponsor the education of the next generation.

The HBEF project is the subject of an Emmy Nominated US documentary film ‘A Small Act’ which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010 and has been selected for other international film festivals and received critical acclaim around the world. 

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