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The Dirt Society

Jennifer Garvin

The Dirt Society's mission is to increase food security by building multimedia and cross-disciplinary learning tools for growers, consumers and distributors who wish to nurture more ecologically and financially sustainable food systems.

The Dirt Society develops online educational tools that can give audiences a free and multidisciplinary food education. By creating and funding video blogs, articles, podcasts, slideshows, and printable instructional pdfs, they strive to cover a wide array of relevant subjects so that everyone–regardless of location, income, or experience–has access to a free education, and the autonomy that comes with it. 

In addition to content development, The Dirt Society also aggregates quality materials and free training opportunities as a way to augment available modules. And they have elected to embrace an agro-ecological method of food growing and processing; certain that the most sustainable way to advance a business or farm operation is to work with the surrounding ecosystems, and not in competition with them.

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