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The DJ AM Memorial Fund

Andrea Gross

The DJ AM Memorial Fund maintains the legacy of Adam Goldstein and his commitment to helping others struggle with addiction.

DJ AM’s sister, Lara Long. Lara was the creative force that founded the DJ AM Memorial Fund, in efforts to keep her brother’s legacy alive and support his passion of helping others who battle with substance abuse and addiction.

DJ AM was the entertainment industry’s premier DJ, his name being synonymous with what is happening in pop culture. Adam worked tirelessly to help others through his music, charitable giving, and the personal process of addiction recovery. From the start of his sobriety, Adam spent countless hours over the years counseling and working to aid other addicts in their recovery. In August 2009, Adam lost his own battle with drug addiction.

The DJ AM Memorial Fund will keep Adam’s spirit of helping alive by funding organizations that continue to do the work that was important to him. There is now a feature length documentary about his life called As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM

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