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Facing Change: Documenting Detroit

Facing Change: Documenting Detroit

Karah Shaffer 

Documenting Detroit is a documentary project and fellowship program that uses photography from 21 emerging photographers from the Detroit area to illustrate the lives of Detroiters throughout the city’s 139 square miles. The images focus on daily life and personal stories, as well as larger social, political, and economic issues.

This project uses documentary photography to shape and inform discourse on issues impacting the public interest. The images generated by this project helps to strengthen community ties among the people of Detroit as Detroiters see themselves and their neighbors photographed by fellow local residents. The publication of these images will project a truer perception of Detroit in both local and national media. This project is truly by Detroit, of Detroit, and for Detroit.

These photographs are presented to not only Detroit but the world as large-scale public art installations, bringing stories from all walks of life into the common spaces of Detroit. The photographs are presented as large scale projections onto buildings, as window installations on neighborhood properties, and as storefront multimedia installations. The work is also available in print as a magazine-style booklet, and on the Documenting Detroit online platforms.

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